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 Service is a way of helping ourselves by helping others.
We serve our community and ourselves by connecting with others in a fun and meaningfull way. Just as there is a diversity

of all people at our spiritual community, there are many ways to put our unique skills, talents and interests to use in a way that will reveal love and celebrate life with our community and the world at large.

      If we wish to live a deeply spiritaul life, we must develop completency in the basics of living within the completity of this

physical world, and develop emotional intelligence in understanding ourselves and others.

      We need to develop a mental discipline to sustain the status quo yet be open and receptive to innovation and creativity, and as we move into higher levls of conscious competency we begin to understand the far reaching implications of our interconnections to all life, that we are indeed our brothers keeper's and custodians of this planet.

      As wonderful as our Sunday Celebration is, a greater commitment to personal development is need to evolve our own consciousness and go deeper into alignment with Creative Intelligence. 

      The Creative Center for Spiritual Living provides spiritual tools that transform lives and make the world a better place!

Our programs are designed to help you develop into your highest self-expression in each area of life - health, work, finances and relationships. What we know is consciousness is evolving and developmental -that means being aware that there's always more to learn, more to do, more to become.

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