There is only One Life! This Life is Good! This Life is God! This Life is my Life now!

In knowing that I am 'one' with this Life that is God, I therefore know that I am "one" with each and every

one of its blessed expressions, which includes this beloved revelation called Creative Center for Living.

Becuase I know that the highest Purpose of this center is to glorify God, I therefore know that this Center ia a revelation of god as Wholeness. As I stand alone in the High Alter of Consciouness, I see this Center revealed be for me as an Active, Thriving Spiritual Community.

I participate in this Center in full cooperation and agreement with my beloved partners, knowing theTruth about myself, for:

I am visible to Community.

I am effectively communicating Principles and Practices.

I am part of a clear organizational structure.

I am expanding and engaging my spiritual community.

I am supporting a facility that fulfills our intentions.

I am thoroughly supported and abundantly prosperour in the fulfillment of these intentions.

I know that this Process is fully supported by the Word of God, for it's written "Love points the way and Law makes the way possible."

As I now accept the highest expression of this center into my life, I know that it will be revealed in a way that will glorify God and serve the highest and greatest good of all who are touched by its unfoldment. I am grateful God is gracious. So be it now! Amen.

Group Covenant Easy Prayer

congregation of Love, Acceptance and Unity

"Love points the way and the law makes the way possible"   

                                                                                                                                              Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind text p43

Purpose: Wholeness

Vision:    We are an Active, Thriving Spiritual Community


  1. To be visible to the community
  2. To effectively communicate our principles and practices
  3. To have a clear organizational structure
  4. To expand and engage our Spiritual Community
  5. To have a facility that supports our intentions

     6. To be thoroughly supported and abundantly prosperous in the fulfillment of these intentions.

Our Sacred Covenant