Meditation is More Than You Think (223U)
This is an introductory meditation course that begins with the beginner and moves step by step through the powerful tool of meditation in many different modalities.  Topics include meditation with light, mantras, sound, movement, breathing, and more.  Each week is very experiential with various forms of meditation that the student can then take with them for a richer practice at home.  Released in 2007

Let go and let God. Drop the desire to know how and allow a greater expression to be revealed. Find out more about the process of meditation and the myths and hindrances that have been associated with meditation. Meditation is about intention and it's a state of mind.
In 8 weeks, you will:
Release the belief of "I Can't Meditate"
Learn about the mind body connection
Focus on allowing versus directing
Find techniques that work for you
Commune with God in a more personal way
Grow mentally and spiritually from experience

Length of class: 8 week
Certified hours: 30
Text Books:   An Easy Guide to Meditation by Roy Eugene Davis - CSA Press, 1978, AND one of the following:
                        How to Meditate by Lawrence LeShan - Bantam, 1975 or
                        Journey of Awakening by Ram Dass - Bantam, 1978

A spiritual journey toward personal healing and transformation!


Individuals are invited to explore the power of conscious living, positive thinking, powerful techniques and spiritual practices through the principles and practices of the Science of Mind. Explore the principles and power of conscious living and positive thinking, through an understanding of Science of Mind principles and the application of powerful spiritual techniques and practices.

Science of Mind courses provide the parishioner with a wonderful way to expand consciousness. 

Our Classes are accredited by United Centers for Spiritual Living. A spiritual journey toward personal healing and transformation!

Science of Mind Classes - Meditation is More Than You Think

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