Essential Ernet Holmes 

The Essential Ernest Holmes

This course is a loving tribute to Dr. Ernest Holmes and all of the wisdom he brought to our world.  The course is based upon What We Believe?  Each week the student has the opportunity to examine each of the ideas contained in it and uncover ways to make the power of this teaching come alive in her/his life.  Each week has a meditation on Light that takes the student progressively deeper and deeper into the Light to find Inner Truth.  Released in 2007

Gain a holistic awareness of Ernest Holmes, the evolution of his thought and Science of Mind, through the exploration of his essential writings. Illuminate the basic concepts of Science of Mind through the intriguing, complex and controversial ideas of Holmes’ extensive written works. Through the path of logic and mysticism, go deeper into the understanding of the philosophy, faith and way of life of Ernest Holmes to construct your life “one belief at a time.” This course is designed for you to develop your own relationship with Ernest Holmes and Science of Mind.

In 10 weeks you will -
* Connect deeper within through Guided Meditations.
* Anchor in your personal experiences of life.
* Develop and discuss your opinions about Holmes' writings.
* Artistically express your understanding of the Holmes’ material.
* Explore writings about the Light, Theater of Mind, Time, Love, Agents of Healing and Oneness.
* Participate in the “joyous experience in personal unfoldment

Length of class: 10 weeks
Prerequisites: "Foundations of Science of Mind"
Spiritual Practices is a prerequisite for Level Three classes
Certified hours: 30
Text Books:
Journey of Awakening - Ram Dass
Can We Talk to God? - Ernest Holmes

A spiritual journey toward personal healing and transformation!


Individuals are invited to explore the power of conscious living, positive thinking, powerful techniques and spiritual practices through the principles and practices of the Science of Mind. Explore the principles and power of conscious living and positive thinking, through an understanding of Science of Mind principles and the application of powerful spiritual techniques and practices.

Science of Mind courses provide the parishioner with a wonderful way to expand consciousness. 

Our Classes are accredited by United Centers for Spiritual Living. A spiritual journey toward personal healing and transformation!

Science of Mind Classes -  II. Essential Ernest Holmes (225u)

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