Accredited Science of Mind Classes 

Science of Mind (also referred to as Religious Science) provides an individual with a wonderful way to expand ones consciousness through the core teachings of the Centers for Spiritual Living. Explore the classes we offer using the links below.

Individuals are invited to explore the power of conscious living, positive thinking, powerful techniques and spiritual practices through the principles and practices of the Science of Mind. Explore the principles and power of conscious living and positive thinking, through an understanding of Science of Mind principles and the application of powerful spiritual techniques and practices.

We are meeting at:
1330 E Valley Pkwy #G, Escondido, CA 92027


I. Foundations Level (pick one of these three courses) 
Foundations(105u & 106u)
Beyond Limits (108u)
Spirtual Path/Spiritual Mind Treatment (101/102)
II. Essential Ernest Holmes
Essential Ernest Holmes
III. Troward Coursework (pick one of these two courses)
Creative Process and the Individual(213)
The Edinburgh Lectures (207)
IV. History and Philosophy Coursework (pick one of these two courses)
Exploring Roots (224u)
From Whence We Came
V.Consciouness Coursework (pick one of the six courses)
Building a Healing Consciousness(103)
Meditation is More Than You Think(223u)
Practical Mysticism (206u)
Power of Your Word(220)
Self Mastery: The Emergence of the Tru Self (222u)
Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practice for Daily Living (107u)


A spiritual journey toward personal healing and transformation!


Creative Center for Spiritual Living, Escondido      1330 E. Valley Parkway # G Escondido, CA. 92027   (760)998-1463