We have moved!!!  Joslyn Senior Center, 210 E. Park Ave. Escondido, CA 92025

                                                                              760-998-1God (1463)

At the corner of Broadway and Park Ave., North of Food For Less

Mailing address:

       Creative Center for Spiritual Living Escondido

PO Box 460504 - Escondido CA. 92046

Sunday Services

9:30 am Meditation       10:00 am Celebration Service

Youth Program available each Sunday during Celebration Service

Wednesday Evening Programs

Movie Night ~ Book Studies ~ Special Events

Our joyous community welcomes you, and your family. Join us every Sunday for Meditaion, Music & P rayer 

Wednesday Evening Programs, Meditation Services

Accredited Courses and Workshops

Prayer Treatment

Available online or at the center for those difficult moments of need.


Meditation services and workshops

Apply our Pinciples and Practices to your Daily Life.

Let Rev. Jerry help enrich your Spirit.

 We are more than a Spiritual Community,we are a family! We embrace all people, faiths and walks of life though our practice of our principles of the Science of Mind Philosophy. As this center embraces Wholeness, we share a belief in love, acceptance , unity in the power of thought and intention. We teach positive practical spirtuality with personal tools for transformation. We are an active, thriving  spirtual community and whoever you are or wherever you come from, you are welcome here! 


Special Services - Spiritual Coaching ~ Baptism ~ Blessings ~ Weddings ~ Funerals


 "It is only when we allow the Divine to flow through us, in and out, we really express life, the law of giving and receiving is definite"

                                     Ernest Holmes

Science of Mind Courses

Accredited SOM Classes offered through out the year

All Paths Lead to God